I am perfectly trilingual with Italian, French, and English. I write fiction , non fiction and screenplays in those three languages and, of course, I can translate to and from these three languages. If you’re looking for a translator, please feel free to contact me!

Here is my CV


Language skills

Mother tongue: Italian

Other languages:  English and French   (perfect knowledge)

I can translate any document, fiction, non fiction and screenplays

Screenplay Translations

–          Story for the screen translation from Italian into English “I Distillatori” (The Bootleggers) by Francesco Volpi.

–          Screenplay from Italian into French “Un cancello tra i prati” by Carlo La Chimia (winner of the RIFF competition).


  Academic Education and training

–          Qualified Teacher Status granted by GTC on February 13, 2012 – Teacher Reference Number: 1433314

–          Italian Teaching Licence for “Economics and Business Disciplines” – SSIS Latium University “Roma III” – June 2007

–          Bachelor’s Degree in Economics 1982 – Università “La Sapienza” Rome (Italy). Score 110/110

–          French DEUG in “Economics” 1976 – Université de Nancy (France)

–          French Baccalauréat 1974 – Académie de Metz-Nancy (Graduation from the French High   School).


–          May 2013 – November 2013 – “Write Your First Draft Fast” – With Professor Christine De Smet – University of Wisconsin

–          August 2011: “Spoleto Intensive Screenwriting Course” held by screenwriter Irv Bauer

–          2005: Introduction to Drama – “Teatri Possibili” ROME.

–          2002 (Spring): Playwriting course held by the Roman Theatre Company “Bona la Prima” at the Bracciano Public Library

–          1996 Course “Creative Writing” Rome University.

–          1995 Course “The Theatre and the Scenic Space” Bracciano – Public Library.

–          1993 -1994 Second course at “The Institute of Children’s Literature” West Redding (CT)

–   1992 – 1993 First course at “The Institute of Children’s Literature” West Redding (CT)



“950 49th Street Brooklyn, New York – uno spaccato d’America al femminile” (950 49th Street, Brooklyn New York – a woman’s insight into America) won:

– February 1999 – First Prize in the contest “Nuove Lettere” – section published fiction – organized by “Istituto Italiano di Cultura” Naples – Italy

– October 1999 – 23rd Emigration Prize – the prize had a theme “The Emigration in the World on the Verge of the year 2000” organized by Town of Pratola Peligna, the review “La voce dell’emigrante” , the region Abruzzi, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Il fantastico viaggio di Priscilla” – (Priscilla’s fantastic Journey)

November 2005 –   the novel arrived second at the contest for children’s fiction (section 7 – 9 years old) “ Il mulino a vento” .


1997 “Uguale dentro” (The Same Inside) Special Jury Prize , Contest “Zaccaria Negroni” – Children’s literature

1997 “l’aspirante cuoca” (The Willing – to – be chef) – honourable mention in the Contest “Via di Ripetta” section short stories (children’s fiction)

1998 “Una tragedia” (A Tragedy) – First prize in the Contest “Nuove Lettere” Napoli, section “short unpublished stories”

1998 “Il regalo del nonno” – (Grandpa’s gift) – honourable mention in the contest “Zaccaria Negroni” – Children’s short stories

1999 “Mattia e il fantastico Coccodroccolo” (Mattia and the fantastic Crocoduck) First prize 10th edition of the Contest “La Montagnola” – Rome – section “stories for children”

2000 “Una lettera d’amore” (A Love Letter) 4th place in the Contest “Per una lettera d’amore” Francavilla a Mare.

2001 “La chiave” (The Key) – 3rd prize in the contest “Alceste de Lollis”.

2003 “Un matrimonio a New York” (A Wedding in New York) – 2nd. Prize in the contest “Premio Emigrazione” – Pratola Peligna – section: unpublished fiction


1997 “L’abbraccio” (the hug) special mention in the contest “Nuove Lettere” – Napoli, section “unpublished poetry”

1997 “Versi per vivere” (verses to live) collection of poems – Specia mention in the contest “Via di Ripetta” Rome.

1998 “Versi per ridere” (verses to laugh) collection of poems – special mention in the contest “Via di Ripetta” Rome.


– October 2002 Contest “Omaggio a Goldoni” – 3rd prize with the two act comedy “Voci che girano” (Gossip)– section theatre and poetry. The comedy was produced by Testaccio Theatre in Rome in 2002.

– October 2005 1st prize in the National Contest “Picena” (Ascoli Piceno) – section : one act play with the play “Dammi solo un po’ di seme”(Give me Only a Little Seed)

– September 2006 the one act play “Dammi solo un po’ di seme” (as above) was finalist in the contest Atto Solo” – Teatro d’occasione di Bergamo.

– October 2008 “Quando chiamò l’amante, la moglie scoppiò a ridere…” (When the mistress called, the wife laughed…) Special Prize of the jury in the Contest “Il Convivio” Giardini Naxos (ME) – Section theatre


November 2011 – The short screenplay “La Vacanza Americana” (The Italian Vacation) was selected finalist at the “Valpolicella Film Festival” in San Pietro in Cariano (Verona)

I am working with director Luca Murri. We wrote a short screenplay “Un Amato Funerale” (A Beloved Funeral) that wAS produced in 2013 in Italy, shooting location Nicosia – Sicily and was released in April 2014.

We are in the process of writing more screenplays (shorts, and long features).

June 2012; The screenplay “Vorrei Essere…” (I Wish I Could Be) arrived finalist at the contest “Il Cortificio” (Coming Soon Television and Minimum Fax) – The winner should be published by July 15, 2012 and will be produced by Coming Soon Television.


1993 “Waiting for Befana” – children’s story – on the review “The Legions of Light” Margaretville (NY)

1997 the poem “Ragioni” (Reasons) in the anthology “138 Mirabili Istorie” Antonio Stango Editore.

1997 “Uguale dentro”(The Same Inside) – children’s story on the review “Il Contastorie”

1998 the poem “Assurdo” (Absurd) and the children’s story “L’aspirante cuoca” (The willing-to- be chef) in the anthology of the “Premio Lido di Roma” – Antonio Stango editore.

1998 “950 49th Street Brooklyn, New York – uno spaccato d’America al femminile” (950 49th Street Brooklyn New York . a woman’s insight into America) – novel – Antonio Stango Editore.

1999 on the website HYPERLINK “” the movie reviews “Bullets over Broadway” and “A Price Above the Rubies”.

2001 “I silenzi del cuore” (the Silences of the Heart)– short story – in the anthology “Racconti senza rete” – Michele Di Salvo Editore.

2001 “Mattia e il fantastico Coccodroccolo” (Mattia and the Fantastic Crocoduck) in the review “Il Foglio Letterario”.

2001 “A Little Monster’s Journal” in the anthology “New International Plays for Young Audiences Volume Two – plays of cultural conflict.” Meriweather Publishing Company – Colorado (USA) – Edited by Professor Roger Ellis, Grand Valley State University (Michigan).

2002 “A Tragedy” in the review “Carve Magazine” (HYPERLINK “”

2002 “Il rosario” (the Rosary) short fiction story – in the anthology “Oltre la rete” Proposte Editoriali Editore.

2009 March – “La corsa e l’infinito” (The Race and Infinity) Edizioni della Vigna (Arese) – Science Fiction Novel

2009 June – “Dost Distern, un cuoco fantastico” (Dost Distern a fantastic cook) culinary appendix appendice gastronomica to the novel “The Race and Infinity” Edizioni della Vigna (Arese) – Collection of 17 science fiction recipes all eatable on Earth.

2014 : the short screenplay “Normale Amministrazione” on the website nr. 4


The following movie reviews have been published on the blog and and two more Italian blogs

–          A Price above the Rubies:

–          Gattaca:

–          Paycheck

–          Bullets over Broadway:

–          Marnie:

–          Bowfinger:

–          Match Point:

–          Pleasantville:

–          Cierresse:

–          Unfacebook:

–          The Purple Rose of Cairo:

–          Innerspace:

–          Jumanji:

–          Il Pranzo di Ferragosto:

The translation of the movie reviews “Gattaca” and “Unfacebook” appeared on the 2013 Spring issue of Shadowland Magazine ( in the U.S.A. and more.


The short screenplay “Un amato funerale” (A Beloved Funeral), I wrote with director Luca Murri, was produced in 2013 and released on April 17, 2014 in Italy. Starring: Milena Vukotic, Giorgio Colangeli, Luca Murri, Carola Clavarino, photography by Daniele Ciprì, screenplay Claudia Marinelli and Luca Murri, direction Luca Murri.
















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